The final of the vocal and instrumental competition "Bridge to the Future" took place in Moscow

The organizer of the competition is the director of the Phonograph orchestra, Sergey Sergeevich Zhilin. The competition is being implemented with the participation of the project “I Hear the World!” for children with cochlear implantation aged 5 to 18 years.

The geography of participants is wide, which indicates that children with cochlear implantation are successfully rehabilitated, develop in many areas and realize their talents.

The final was held in a hybrid format: there were online performances by the participants, as well as in-person performances.

The day was filled with excitement and anxiety, but at the same time joy and admiration. The children, along with their parents and musical directors, met Sergei Sergeevich Zhilin, who gave instructions before the final of the competition, encouraged and wished to perform in such a way as to get only pleasure from their performance and enjoy every moment.

16 children took part in the final with vocal and instrumental performances.